Ahava Spillman is !

She was terrific!

We just had Ahava Spillman speak at our couples event (on short notice), she was terrific! I had never heard her before and tried her out. I must tell you she was everything I had hoped she would be. She connects very well with people and has a strong message. I highly recommend her.

Mrs. Zeldie Treitel – Montreal, Quebec

Connected beautifully with the crowd

I just wanted to let you all know about a fantastic speaker. Ahava Spillman joined us last week for our yearly Women’s Circle event. This was the first time I did spa for the soul which B”H went over so well. I have received many thank you notes and e-mails thanking me for putting together this event as well as letting me know what a great time they had. Everybody there loved Ahava. She is warm, friendly, engaging and connected beautifully with the crowd. I’m still hearing this week how ladies were touched by her and just loved her.
It’s rare that I bring out a speaker and hear absolutely no criticism.
Feel free to e-mail me privately if you need more info. I highly recommend her. She was perfect for the day.

Mrs. Devorah L. Mangel – Dayton, OH

Draws her audience in

It was nice to be on the other side for a change when Ahava Spillman came to London Ontario last night to speak for our Shul; it gave me the opportunity to listen to an engaging and inspirational speaker. I understand that she has a number of interesting topics; we asked her to tell stories. This is the third time that she has spoken to our community and she was highly successful. Again! She has an informal manner that draws her audience in and engages them on a personal level. Her stories are down to earth and inspirational; a successful blend of Chassidisher stories and contemporary tales. Each story has a lesson and the stories are woven seamlessly to create a masterful talk. In short; I recommend her to you because she deserves this recommendation.

 Rabbi Lazer Gurkow – London, Ontario

Could listen to her for hours

We have recently had Ahava in Johannesburg to speak for our women’s programs and the participants really enjoyed her. She is warm, personable and the audience felt that they could relate very well to her. Many of them said they could listen to her for hours on end.

Rabbi Ari Shishler – Johannesburg, South Africa


Nothing but good feedback! She was very energetic and connected to the crowd. They want her to come back as soon as possible!

Mrs. Itty Shemtov – West Bloomfield, MI

The warmest and with it

Ahava is the warmest, most “with it” women’s advocate. She gives women a sense of belonging and pride. Ahava’s weekly Torah class is inspirational, educational, and most of all relevant to our daily lives.

Rebbetzin Devorah Deitsch – Toronto, Ontario


Ahava graciously accepted to speak to the ladies of Beth Joseph Lubavitch at our monthly Rosh Chodesh Shiur in honour of remembering one of our dear members who passed away recently. Ahava is a genuine, engaging, wonderful speaker. The ladies were inspired by her talk and enjoyed her presentation immensely. The feedback from the group could be summed up with one word, “phenomenal”!

Mrs. Kathy Weiss – North York, Ontario

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