Living Your Best Life

Choose Joy!

The Ba’al Shem Tov said, “The ability to be joyous by finding the goodness in every experience is a biblical command.

Is it possible to always be happy?

Join Ahava and discover how.

This mini course can be one, two, or more sessions, and explores the Chasidic approach to joy in modern times.

Changes: Anyone Can do it
A motivational speech that promotes positive changes in thought and attitude. Using Chassidic stories and personal experiences, Ahava promotes the importance of “c, h, a, n, g, e, s” Chessed, Humility, Attitude, Names, Goals, Engagement and Simcha. It’s an all around upbeat, entertaining and didactic presentation.
Body and Soul: A Beautiful Combination​

An introduction to our schizophrenic existence. 
One part of us yearns to study Torah and do mitzvos while the other part of us wants chocolate cake and parties. How do we reconcile these opposing forces? This lecture explains the body’s purpose of housing the soul and the soul’s desire to return to its origins. Is it possible to find a happy medium and keep all parts of us happy? Welcome to the dilemma of the contemporary Orthodox Jewish Woman.

Eight Ways to make a good life great

Everything that happens in your life happens for a reason. Your attitude towards every situation can change it for better or worse. Are you willing to change the things that need to change? Will you let Ahava’s words inspire you to do the things you’ve never been able to do? Walk away from this wonderful night and choose for yourself.

How to Handle Stress... the Jewish Way

We all must learn how to manage stress. Vitamins, fruits and vegetables and exercise are certainly important, but what does Torah say about stress? Why is it important to have a healthy body? Jewish Law, customs and passages can be interpreted to give fresh insight that helps create a less stressful lifestyle.


Women's Events

High Heels, Flip Flops, and Dancing in the Rain

A workshop to practice juggling, embrace mindfulness and celebrate life.

High heels have been magical since Cinderella but tottering around in grownup pumps have only confused our relationship with shoes. As a metaphor, though, it’s pretty simple: the spikier the heel, the tougher it is to balance; the flatter the sandal, the more ‘grounded’ we are and the more capable we become of handling the challenge of mindfulness. Then we can dance with a joy that embraces gratitude and embodies an infallible positive attitude.

Ten Ways to Make a Good Life Great

Women only. That’s right women get two extra ones. Come find out what they are. Discover how wonderful Jewish women are and the powers they possess.

The Matriarchs. Role Models From Whom We Can Learn

Get a high speed, high energy, fast food, (but healthier) intake of the action packed dramatic passionate lives of our Matriarchs; Sarah, Rochel, Leah and Rivka. Modern day heroines and famous movie actresses aspire to be as interesting as these superwomen.

Garments of the Body; Garments of the Soul
Perfect for a women’s event, Spa Day, Health and Wellness Fair or Fashion Show. Ahava begins in a fitting room where women are most honest with themselves and connects physical accessories to thoughts speech and action. Just like clothes can be altered by a seamstress, women have the ability to control the garments of their souls.
The Garden of Tshuva

Gardening teaches us all something about outselves: The interdependence between man and nature, the connection between heaven and earth, the seasons of our lives. The skills needed for gardening are very similar to those needed for Torah. The parallels and lessons in both are astonishing and revealing. Weed out your bad habits, prune back worries and negative influences, and let torah fertilize your mind.

Tu B'Shvat Women's Seder

Learn mystical, Talmudic, and personal insights related to the birthday of the trees. We’ll gather: olives, grapes, pomegranates, figs, dates, almonds, walnuts, white wine, red wine, a tzedakah box, and much more. Join our Women’s Seder and be transported to a place infused with wisdom and spirituality.


How to Make a Good Marriage Better

For couples and a mixed crowd. An enthusiastic and passionate presentation, discussing ways to enhance any marriage. Using Torah as well as her expertise in Interpersonal Communication, Ahava highlights major differences in the way men and women relate to each other. Using humour and inviting participation, she provides practical suggestions that stimulate thought and motivate couples to improve their relationships.

The Ten Commandments of a Good Marriage

G-d is the Chasson, the Jews are the Kallah, Mount Sinai is the Chupa and Torah is the marriage contract. Judiasm is full of new beginnings, new starts, new chances. Each day we say Modeh Ani, each week we observe Shabbos, each month we celebrate Rosh Chodesh, every Rosh Hashanah, every Yom Kippur Hashem forgives us over and over again and gives us new opportunities to redeem ourselves. We were created in His image so our obligation to our husbands is to forgive them and offer them a second chance.

Texting with Ahava

Mixed or Women only. This is new, innovative, and captivating. Be prepared to participate, engage and share. Comfortable shoes and clothes are recommended. This is a workshop about harmony and multitasking and relationships. This is a workshop that illustrates how the physical and the spiritual interrelate. Give your community an evening that’s not only enjoyable, but exhilarating.

Building Self-esteem with your children

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.

If children live with ridicule, they learn to be shy.

If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.

If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.

If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.

Each child is precious and needs TLC and more.

Join Ahava and together explore how to instill curiosity, imagination, and certainty in your child.

Holy Days

Seven Questions About Rosh Hashana

An overview of the seven most popular aspects of Rosh Hashana. Is it a happy day or a solemn one? Why do we eat apples and honey? Why does G-d test us? Find out all this and more in an inspiring upbeat way to prepare for the High Holy Days.

Stories and Insights about Sukkot

A perfect program for a Simchat Beir HaShoeivah… or any Sukkot gathering. A combination of traditional stories and contemporary insights that connect the ancient tradition of Sukkah dwelling and its undeniable importance in the modern world.

Light up your life

What a celebration Chanukah is: a time when light obliterates darkness, purity demolishes contamination and spirituality overpowers materialism. Learn about how our ancestors celebrated Chanukah and how miraculous it is that we still spin the draidel with our children and grandchildren. Each night we add an extra light, what a profound lesson for all of us to learn.

Tu B'Shvat: Have A Happy Healthy New Tree

In the wintertime we all tend become dreary, lacklustre, and lethargic. We can learn how to deal with these unwanted winter blahs by observing the fruit trees on Tu B’Shvat. This talk demonstrates how just like the sap begins its unlikely journey upwards so can we positively alter our moods by recognizing the divine power around us.

Adar and Purim: Who's Behind the Mask?

Purim is the most joyous holiday of all. In Adar we must increase in joy each day. Purim’s joy is so intense that it permeates the whole month and consequently the whole year. We must use this simcha to experience the miracles all around us and see that Hashem is in charge of every detail. This is a wonderful talk lauding the power of true happiness.

Is there more to Pesach than Maneshewitz?

A discussion of the major themes of Pesach: the spiritual significance of Matza, the challenges of a personal “mitzrayim, how to stay calm in a world of “Chometz” Perfect for a pre Pesach get together to get in the mood for liberation.

Counting the Omer: The bridge between Pesach and Shavuot

Pesach and Shavuot are respectively the point of departure and the destination of a journey. Each week offers us an opportunity to work on a different aspect of our being as we ready ourselves for the divine revelation.

Let’s explore how we can refine ourselves each year by doing more than just counting.

Tisha B'av

Let’s explore the history of our holy temples, their destruction, and what we are meant to learn in this, our longest exile.

Even though, it is the saddest day of the year, we will be redeemed.

Just a half Hour

Short and to the point!
Discover a series of comprehensive, succinct, and enlightening lectures that explore the laws, rituals, and other pastimes of our unique Jewish lifestyle.


Each week, we light candles, and embrace the power of Shabbat. How can we utilize this spiritual presence that has the ability to transform our lives, family and friends to a heightened existence for 25 hours?


Is it possible to actually change your pots, pans, kitchen, and life? Consider the possibilities, if you are what you eat, your body and soul will thank you.

Laughing Yoga

Details to come.

Zumba / Hora

Dance your cares away.

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